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Air Filtration Systems

With warmer weather on the way the first thing most people like to do is to open the windows to let fresh air into your Clarington home. Then spring cleaning starts. Wiping down the surfaces of your home does not clean the most import aspect of your home – the air. Dust and allergens accumulate […]


Air Conditioning Tips

Summer is coming and you want your home to feel as comfortable as possible. There are are some little things you can do as a home owner to get the most out of your air conditioning system. Improve your Air Flow Air conditioners need to pull air through the system while recirculating air from within […]


Fireplace Considerations

When considering adding a gas fireplace to your home, there are a few things you need to think about. Gas fireplaces are very popular because they create ambiance and will add a convenient way to warm up a room or floor of your home. Installing a fireplace is not an every day project, so you […]