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Annual Fireplace or Stove Maintenance Program

Serving Oshawa, Clarington for over 25 years. Maintenance of your gas fireplace is essential. The Comfort Shoppe’s Gas Fireplace Maintenance Program offers safety, appearance and reliablity. Not using your fireplace over the warmer season can result in dust build up and spiders building nests in places they shouldn’t that can result in blocked air/gas flow. […]


How Humidity Affects Your Home

Humidity is an important factor in the comfort of the atmosphere of your home. In the summer the humidity in the outdoor air makes your house feel very hot and sticky. A properly sized air conditioning system will help remove the moisture from the air and make the whole house feel cool. In the winter […]


Annual Furnace Maintenance Program

Although the weather has been mild so far this winter, the cold winter weather will most definitely show up sooner or later. The Comfort Shoppe wants you to be prepared. Having annual furnace maintenance is essential to every home, our technicians are trained to spot potential issues and identify causes for energy inefficiencies. In the […]