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Common Air Conditioner Problems That Lead to AC Repair

Bowmanville’s weather is geting warmer and air conditioner problems are not what you want to deal with when you start your ac up this season. Here are a few issues you can look for when you start up your system this year. No Annual Maintenance Not maintaining your air conditioner and using for extended periods […]


Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced Annually

It’s getting warmer out and before you know it you’re going to start using your air conditioner. If you want to be sure your AC is going to run without problems this summer there is something you can do about it. Call The Comfort Shoppe in Bowmanville to have one of our technicians come out […]


Air Filtration Systems

With warmer weather on the way the first thing most people like to do is to open the windows to let fresh air into your Clarington home. Then spring cleaning starts. Wiping down the surfaces of your home does not clean the most import aspect of your home – the air. Dust and allergens accumulate […]