zuba central logoWith Zuba-Central, you get what you pay for and more. Zuba-Central is able to not only convert 100% of all electrical energy into heat, but it also absorbs outdoor heat energy – energy that is essentially free. The higher the outdoor temperatures rise, the more efficient the system becomes. Zuba-Central is simply a better and much more efficient way to heat and cool your home all year round.

The Geo Thermal alternative at a great price!
Want to get rid of oil heat? Too Expensive or Tank Issues! Want to get rid of Propane? Too Expensive or Ugly outdoor tanks!
Think Zuba-Central… Truly Geo Thermal Perrformance at a fraction of the price.

Zuba Central Heat Pump

Can be equipped with your choice of an auxiliary Electric Resistance Heater or Hydronic Hot Water Coil that operates simultaneously with Zuba-Central only when additional heat is needed. So even during the coldest days, your Zuba-Central+ package is still pumping heat indoors with the superb efficiency that only a heat pump can offer. Zuba-Central+ is also available with an SCR duct heater option for enhanced efficiency.  Includes a 7 day programmable touch screen thermostat



How A Zuba Central Heat Pump Works


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Package 3
Connectable to auxiliary Electric Resistance Heater
Package 4
Available with auxiliary Hydronic Heating Coil
Package Includes:

  • Zuba-Central Outdoor Unit
  • Zuba-Central Air Handler
  • Zuba-Central Touch Screen Thermostat and Equipment Interface Module
  • Optional Electric Resistance Heater
  • 2.5kW / 5kW/ 7.5kW / 10kW /12.5 kW / 15kW / 17.5 kW
 Package Includes:

  • Zuba-Central Outdoor Unit
  • Zuba-Central Air Handler with 3-row Hydronic heating coil and pump
  • Zuba-Central Touch Screen Thermostat and Equipment

For more information  download the Zuba Central Heat Pump Catalogue

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