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Are you tired of the B.S. (Big Salespitch) you get from HVAC Companies?
The Comfort Shoppe provides great information for you to make a sound decision.



You have a budget. We have a payment plan to match it.

Make your large purchase more affordable by applying for an easy monthly or biweekly payment plan with Financeit. Get pre-approved in seconds!

  • Complete our application in under 5 minutes, get pre-approved for up to $100,000 within seconds
  • Whether you’d prefer to complete our application in the privacy of your home, or on the go – complete the application anywhere and on your preferred device
  • Customize your monthly or biweekly payment to suit your household’s budget
  • Open Loans – Loans can be partially or fully paid at any time without penalty
  • Once approved, you can access the progress and details of your loan online at any time.
  • The Financeit team is happy to guide and help along your application process should you need a little extra attention. Feel free to call us at: 1 888 536 3025

Vista adds value in everything we do, offering much more than monthly payments.  From innovations like paperless contracting on the VistAPP, finding solutions for green energy projects, supporting organizations that benefit the communities we work in, Vista strives to do more and be more for our partners, customers, and their communities.

Why Would You Need Heating and Air Conditioning Financing?

Surprises happen in life, and sometimes furnaces break, or your air conditioner can’t be repaired, or the cost of repairs doesn’t make sense compared to the price of replacing the old unit with a brand new, reliable and more efficient model. a Sometimes a line of credit won’t quite cover it, but we have financing to help you if this is the case.

The Comfort Shoppe has financing available through SNAP financial services. You can finance your new furnace, air conditioner, complete system, hot tub or fireplace at reasonable interest rates with no down payment. Monthly payments are lowered with 12 year terms that allow you to pay down or you can pay off the loan at any time with no penalty.

Why Compromise on Quality?

We see it all of the time, people compromising quality and instead buy cheaper equipment that doesn’t offer the same level of comfort or efficiency they could have for just little price increase. A humidifier will keep skin from drying out in the winter. An air cleaner will help with allergies in the fall. A quieter air conditioner will make sitting on the patio in the summer more enjoyable.

A tankless water heater will fill a soaker tub and still give you hot water to do laundry. A ductless air conditioner in the master bedroom will add to your comfort if the central air conditioning doesn’t quite get the room cool. A quiet furnace will let you listen to music or watch TV without constantly turning the volume up. These are just a few things you could look at if you considered a financing option.

Fireplaces offer ambiance, an extra source of heat in a room that could use that little extra coziness. They also give a sense of security that in a power outage your home will still have some heat. Financing gives you the option to choose the one with a fan or a remote control or flame setting and more control over the way it looks and feels. Settling for a lower quality fireplace instead of the one that gives you what you’d appreciate isn’t necessary anymore.

Financing gives you the best options for controlling the comfort of your home. Upgrading your system from basic to best for the cost of a cup of coffee a day just makes sense. Add the utility savings of an upgraded system and it usuall pays for itself.

Remember, the quality of your system also benefits the environment. Hydro savings, gas savings, lower emissions, all add up to a greener home.

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Customer Update
(last updated March 31, 2021)

We remain Open For Business

The safety and well-being of our Team Members, customers is our top priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking every precautionary measure to help keep our communities safe.

To help prevent infection, we are taking the following precautionary measures to protect our Team Members and our Customers:

  • The following are some of the ways our technicians are staying proactive during this time: wearing masks over their face and nose, wearing gloves, washing hands frequently, and using sanitizing devices before arriving and after completing each service call
  • Asking our customers if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or if they have any cold or flu symptoms prior to entering their home
  • Team Members will be practicing social distancing and will not be shaking hands with customers as well as maintaining a 6-foot distance
  • Team Members will wipe down their work area and tools before and after the work is complete
  • We have also increased the cleaning measures we take within our office to reduce the likelihood of illness, these measures include cleaning and sanitizing surface areas and frequently touched surfaces multiple times per day.
  • Any Team Member who has flu-like symptoms will be asked to contact the Public Health Agency and follow the COVID-19 testing protocol, including self-isolation where required
  • Our Team Members also have the right to refuse to enter the property if they feel in harm’s way

If circumstances change, we will update this page accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 905-623-2956.