Vermont Castings FIreplace

The Comfort Shoppe has many different types of fireplaces

Fireplace Inserts: If you have an existing wood burning fireplace, than a fireplace insert will fit inside it transforming the ugly dirty wood fireplace into and elegant looking heat producing device.

We will need to reline your masonry chimney to insure supply air can enter your fireplace and that the products of the combustion can leave safely.

Direct Vent Fireplaces: These are so versatile, they can be installed anywhere in the house. Often installed on an outside wall where they vent out, they can also be installed on an interior wall and vented vertically up through the house.

Some types can also be vented into an unused chimney or old gas vent that is no longer used.

Trust us at the Comfort Shoppe to take care of any our your needs for your new fireplace, whether it be natural gas or propane.


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